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1skip works with their clients to implement workplans and derive the value for change.

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Service Description

The final step in the 1skip methodology is to execute the work plan. We begin by implementing full chain traceability based on the data architecture designed in the previous stage. This digital infrastructure is in direct support to the cash flows models and supplies the data needs for the supply chain, government, NGO and investment partners. This crucial step is the first link between the investment deployment and our sustainability goals of the project. Working with governments, supply chain stakeholders, NGOs and the fishermen, we link each node in the supply chain to the larger data needs of fisheries management. During the same stage of work we conduct our supply chain investments. Implementing cold chain improvements and lean manufacturing processes, we lead the industry to better food safety practices, processing efficiencies and overall improved quality of the products being produced. The goal of this process is to increase the value of local production, (i.e. finished goods) and reduce the costs of processing. This increases the profit margins of the local Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and provides the additional revenue streams to return the capital to our lenders and investors.

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