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Grenada NExTT

GNExTT is the flagship project of 1Skip showcasing what can be accomplished through team work and collective determination. A novel public, private partnership formed in Grenada, West Indies, its goal is to enhance the socio-economic well-being of its stakeholders through improvements in harvesting, operational efficiency of the supply chain and market value of fish products in a sustainable manner. For more info visit (launching October 2021).

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Caribbean Blue Seafoods

Operating as the marketing branch of 1Skip's projects, the Caribbean Blue Logo supports a wide range of 1Skip projects through direct marketing and smart order routing. Through this, Caribbean Blue Seafoods directly leverages market access and financial incentives to deliver the triple bottom line objectives of 1skips projects. For more information, please visit (launching October 2021). 

Caribbean Blue Bonds

Project financing is difficult, to say the least. The Caribbean Blue Bond was developed by One Skip, LLC to provide an easy and impactful way to finance small to medium sized projects that produce both financial returns and impact. Tested through a pilot project in Grenada, this model provides incentives for sustainability through forgivable portions of debt /equity mixed financing. For more information on the Caribbean Blue Bond model and current investment opportunities, please visit (launching October 2021. 

Barbados NExTT

BNExTT is the follow on to the One Skip Fisheries Development expansion  in the Caribbean. Supported by international partners and focused on building a more resilient supply chain in the national industry, BNExTT is the next rendition of Caribbean Blue products being produced for regional and international markets. 

Saint Lucia NExTT

SLUNExTT is the most nascent project pursued by One Skip and the Caribbean logo. Focused on local and regional markets, this project will enhance the economic performance of the fishery through tourism based purchases and focus on import substitution as a methodology for local development. 

Peru Technology Development

Collecting data by hand for scientific purposes is a labor-some task. Working with a local NGO partner and an IT team creating custom software linked to smart hardware, 1Skip implemented a new enumeration process for use in artisanal communities in Peru. 

Costa Rica Technology Development and Strategy Design

What do you do after a traceability pilot? That is an ongoing question for multiple NGOs in fisheries development. 1Skip working with partner organization Insite Solutions conducted and assessment and develop an expansion strategy for the uptake of traceability in Costa Rica. Through this work we developed recommendations to scale traceability in the artisanal fleet. 

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Go-To-Market Fisheries Strategy Design

Now that you have data, what do you do with it? 1Skip works with supply chain companies to develop go-to-market strategies for new products and supply chains. Utilizing knowledge of "storied fish" style marketing, we have worked to reduce customer acquisition costs through the development of strategic marketing plans and implementing them with NGO and supply chain partners on the ground. These strategies have been developed for supply chain companies looking to expand their markets in Japan, China, Indonesia and the United States. 

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Marketing Support and Custom Website Development

In the digital age, more and more retailers and food service providers are looking for innovative marketing and supply chain data integration strategies. Working with supply chain companies, 1skip has developed customized marketing materials for companies to support their retail and food service clients' needs. 

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