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1skip, LLC is an innovative fishery development firm born from over 60 years of collective supply chain, finance and fishery innovation experience. Through a collection of resources, assets and know-how 1skip provides a full suite of fishery development services from data architecture, supply chain intervention strategy & investment design to project financing, supply chain improvements, and technology deployment. 1skip is the first company of its kind running projects in fishery improvements, supply chain investments and data collection from beginning to end.

Where 1skip excels is developing, managing and executing a fishery development project to transition fisheries supply chains to support more sustainable practices. Utilizing a process we call a Supply Chain Improvement Project, 1skip has created a methodology for fishery transformation that coordinates fishery assessments, environmental goals, financial returns, and IT applications to help transition a fishery from being over fished to being sustainable. Our model is the first of its kind, where we link a country’s Sustainable Development Goals to Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) work plans and financial models to reinvent the local industry from the ground up.

Our collective on-the-water and in-the-chain experience provides us with the firsthand knowledge, tools and insights necessary to navigate complex stakeholder dynamics and develop cohesive, executable fishery investment and transition strategies. It is through our individually proven approaches, and firsthand experience, that we deliver the confidence investors need to place capital and reputation that stakeholders need to take action.

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