1skip offers a range of services that brings our fishery development methodology together seamlessly.  We are your hands on development group that can make your fisheries projects go from high-level thought to effective implementation. ​​​

  • Project Assessment

  • Project Design

  • Technology Deployment

  • Project Financing

  • Project Implementation 

  • Project Management 




 1skip represents a core group of project consultants and acts as a Special Purpose Vehicle for project implementation and management. Our hands-on experience has taken us to 6 continents (Antarctica, we're waiting...)  and through a number of  supply chain improvements and infrastructure investments. At 1skip we believe that transparency and supply chain innovation creates the bottom-up, top-down synergies to enhance the outcomes of your development projects. 


Specializing in fisheries development, 1skip works with Investors, NGOs, Foundations, Development Agencies, Inter-Governmental Agencies and Multilateral Banks to implement projects throughout the world. Together with our
on-the-ground partners we act as the entrepreneurs behind your development projects identifying risk, and taking on the obligation of triple bottom line success. We can act as both the company in the driver seat or the navigator to your success. 


1skip, LLC is an innovative fishery development firm born from over 60 years of collective supply chain, finance and fishery innovation experience. Through a collection of resources, assets and know-how 1skip provides a full suite of development services from supply chain intervention strategy and investment design, to project financing and technology deployment to support your conservation goals.

1skip is the first company of its kind running Fishery Development Projects and Supply Chain Improvement Projects from scoping and design to financing and implementation. Our team has the hands on experience, and the longest running industry involvement in conservation focused supply chain development, project financing and technology development/deployment. 1skip is set up to support your conservation projects around the world. 


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